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There are several reasons why MacBook Air is one of the best selling products on the market today. Unlike most laptops, the MacBook is a stable device that runs Microsoft windows, and this makes it more efficient. Also, the design and quality materials of a MacBook bring in a premium feel that can only be compared to owning jewelry. But, MacBook owners always have this one fear; the fear of physical damage. This is because such tiny things as a small dent can make a MacBook warranty void, and having it repaired can be way too expensive.

Luckily, there are MacBook Air cases and covers that you can always rely on for enhanced durability of your device. Given that MacBooks are sensitive to shocks, impacts, and water, these cases and covers help protect against all these. They also enhance the appearance of your gadget while making sure that you can access all the ports, buttons, and features. Here are the top 12 Best MacBook Air Cases & Covers in 2018.  

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5. Inateck MacBook Air Case Cover

Inateck MacBook Air Case Cover

Simplicity is everything, and that’s what the Inateck MacBook Air Case Cover is built on. It uses 5 layers of eco-friendly materials, so it can offer excellent protection from bumps and scratches. Moreover, its performance has been upgraded with waterproof SBR neoprene and super soft flannel, meaning it’s extremely durable and will serve you for a long time. And since it can be opened at 180 degrees, expect your MacBook to slide in effortlessly. Also, it has zippers that are specially engineered to help prevent unnecessary slides of the sleeve.

4. GYMLE MacBook Air Hard Case (Model: A1369 and A1466)

GYMLE MacBook Air Hard Case (Model: A1369 and A1466)

Enhance your MacBook’s aesthetic looks, while making sure it’s secure with the GYMLE MacBook Air Hard Case. The serenity blue & baby pink hard case is a high quality hard coating that combines appearance and performance to deliver something beyond imagining. The case will protect your device from scratches and accidental hard knocks. Moreover, it allows for full access to all buttons, so expect ultimate convenience when using it.

3. iBenzer Basic Soft-Touch Series Plastic Hard Case & Keyboard Cover for Apple Macbook Air 11-inch 11″ A1370/1465 (Gold)

iBenzer Basic Soft-Touch Series Plastic Hard Case & Keyboard Cover for Apple Macbook Air 11-inch 11" A1370/1465 (Gold)

Are you worried of the safety of your MacBook Air and you want to protect it without messing with its features or functionality? Then look no further than the iBenzer Plastic Hard Case. The fact that it is made of plastic material is enough to tell you that this case is ultra strong and durable. It is an ultra-slim smooth finish rubberized plastic hard case & keyboard cover, which features a see-through design to let you access features and ports easily without removing it. The fact that it offers optimum protection means it should be a frontier for you.

2. RiverPanda MacBook Hard Case Cover (Model A1369/A1466)

RiverPanda MacBook Hard Case Cover (Model A1369/A1466)

The RiverPanda MacBook Hard Case is not rubberized; it’s just plastic; thus, it offers ultimate protection. It is also made of premium quality polycarbonate material to help absorb shock and impacts. Furthermore, it features an ergonomic design, and this means it feels smooth to touch. It also features an elegant look which it would definitely pass to your device. The RiverPanda MacBook Hard Case is compatible with MacBook Air 13” A1369-A1466. It helps the laptop withstand impacts while promoting their appearance.

1. iDOO MacBook Air 13 Hard Case (White Marble)-Best MacBook Air Cases & Covers In 2018

 iDOO MacBook Air 13 Hard Case (White Marble)-Best MacBook Air Cases & Covers In 2017

The 2 snap-on design makes this high-quality white marble hard case easy to take off and on. Ideally, the case features a bottom cover that’s finished in a smooth matte finish and is fully vented for safe and effective dissipation of heat. It is a fashionable material that will take the appearance of your device to the next level. It makes sure that all ports are 100-percent accessible as if it were not mounted. Use it for optimum protection and to enhance the looks of your MacBook.

There are two things to consider when choosing a MacBook Air case or cover. First, make sure it is compatible with your device. It is really a waste of time if you bring home a case or cover but realize that it blocks a lot of features because it’s incompatible with your gadget. Second, choose a case based on how well it can protect your MacBook. These items are not that expensive and price should not be a barrier. Only concentrate on functionality and compatibility.

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